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Chemical products for tanning, finishing, hide: Dyes, Tannins, Resins, Greases, Auxiliaries, Casein, Waxes, Fixing varishes



1969 - Raffaello Taddei and Massimo Manzi opened a tanning laboratory and warehouse in a basement in Santa Croce dell'Arno and obtain exclusive representation for the International Chemical Company, Stahl. While Stahl studied and invested in the research into the chemical product, Raffaello Taddei and Massimo Manzi used these results for Application and Creation, constantly improving their technical experience and earning the increased admiration of tanners. Their motto was and still is: Create a customized package for each customer!

1974 - Taddei & Manzi moved to a larger plant. They stayed there for 9 years. During this period, a "team" of finishing technicians joined the two partners. Most of this "team" still has technical responsibility for the tasks at Taddei & Manzi.

1982 - A new factory was built (Via F. Magellan 11/13), still in Santa Croce sull'Arno.

1985 - A second plant with a unit for wet phase manufacturing, with new products and new technicians was founded. Taddei & Manzi began working with the most important body in the Italian "Fashion" industry, the Italian Association of Designers, now renamed European Fashion Designers.

1995 - Simone Manzi and Manuela Taddei, offspring of the founders, launched the 'International Leather's Chemical (ILC), which operates and provides Taddei & Manzi services abroad in countries like France, Spain, Portugal and Russia, China, India, and Pakistan, Egypt, Tunisia, Venezuela, Chile and Brazil.

All the rest is a modern day story, made up of commitment, small victories achieved along with the customer and why not, great satisfaction!

And who would have thought back in 1969 ...

Taddei, Manzi & C.
Manzi and Taddei
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